The OPPO Smartphones Features a Side View Camera

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Oppo smartphones appears to be exploring the pros and cons of including a camera on their side view device. In this design, a mirror system is used instead of integrating a separate sensor.

Early this year, the design was patented by the company. However, it was just approved earlier this week and published. It may not appear necessary at first glance to have a camera on the side of the phone. The smartphone camera can capture moving objects, according to Oppo.

The company is creating a phone with a side view camera, according to some recent reports. New Oppo smartphones in the Reno series are expected to feature this unique camera technology. In addition, an application for a new phone with a multi-directional camera was recently filed by the company.

How to Install A Side View Camera

A WIPO patent application was filed by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, according to LetsGoDigital. A patent approved this week by the WIPO. Patents for handsets equipped with camera modules are described. 

The patent shows sketches of the design. Smartphones typically feature a rear-facing camera. However, the primary sensor can capture images from its side as well.

Mobile phones can struggle to capture moving subjects sharply. Especially when they are moving. We got the idea from LetsGoDigital, who discovered the design and illustrated it.

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After moving the phone, you can visualize what is happening by drilling an opening in the frame’s side. It situated at the same height as the upper rear camera. Without needing to move the device, the shooting direction change quickly.

The patent suggests using built-in cameras on both sides and the back of the phone rather than separate ones. In Oppo, one sensor performs the functions of both perspectives with help from a mirror system. Essentially, the camera will start recording the data when it detects a subject moving to the right out of the frame. 

Mirror rotation and the side view camera activated will ensure that the event continues to filmed seamlessly. Savings likely achieved by using a mirror in place of two sensors. The same camera, however, allows Oppo to maintain consistent quality. In addition, it should be possible to jump from sensor to sensor independently rather than relying on software.

Which Model Of Oppo Is Best For Camera?

The device has a cutout on the side view where the company can take pictures from the side. In other words, the primary lens’ focus shifts to one side by using a mirror. It is not necessary to have an additional sensor on the side of the phone since the sensor itself does not move. 

A primary camera may detect when a subject moves outside the frame and to the right when using this system. There would be a larger field of view from the side cutout.

At present, it is unclear whether OPPO is developing such a product or is simply covering all of the bases. Moreover, a device with a camera system like that is likely to be an expensive one. 

As such, we can anticipate that it could be a part of Reno. Despite its infancy, the technology is promising. Availability in the market will take some time. The company will be presenting something innovative at Mobile World Congress next year, in my opinion.

What Are Some Innovations Of The Camera?

The Oppo product line doesn’t use mirrors in an inventive manner. However, the design that describes this innovative camera technology isn’t the first of its kind. Oppo also patented earlier this year a double-sided pop-up camera with mirrors instead of separate lenses. 

You can use a dedicated sensor to point your camera forward or backward. It is interesting to see these ideas, but Oppo has yet to introduce a design using a mirror. As a result, some of the ideas don’t stick and disappear before they can implemented.

In terms of OPPO, it unclear if this type of product is being developed. However, suppose the company is covering all bases. Then, the software that comes with this unique digital camera gadget might be a high-end one. 

While the era is in the early stages, the environment is still a risk. Until it reaches the market, it will take the maximum amount of time. Nevertheless, for the upcoming Mobile International Congress in 2014, the firm is creating something incredible.

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