How to Promote Your YouTube Videos Using Google Ads

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YouTube advertising is similar to that of other social media platforms. Ultimately, you don’t want to waste time or exposure on such a trendy platform. Google Ads powers YouTube’s promotional tools. 

It means they can get confusing at times. You can set up your advertisement using the different options explained in our guide. Using this method, you can increase your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Several benefits come with promoting your brand’s videos on YouTube. The channel has a large upper funnel user base and is highly engaging. Take a look at these stats if you need any more convincing.

1- How Do You Make A Youtube Studio?

There are several ways to access your channel’s workspace. If you don’t see your profile picture on your screen, simply click on it. In the drop-down menu, click YouTube Studio.

  • As an alternative, you can access your channel from the same menu
  • If you click Manage Videos, you will find the Customize Channel option. 
  • You can access the Studio by clicking either button.

2- How Do You Make A Promotional Video?

Your videos are listed in the Content tab of the Studio. Then you click the three dots next to the options icon of the one you want to advertise.

Click Promote from the menu that appears. The new page will open with a Google Ads login page to sign in with an existing account or create a new one. Select the button corresponding to your case from the Get Started page.

3- Customize Your Advert’s Appearance

A good video should be the basis of your marketing campaign. If you want a strong YouTube presence, follow the advice of experts. Find out how to engage viewers and establish a brand.

In response to the first question, you can play it before, during, and after a video. When someone clicks the link, they are directed to the landing page you specify.

The promoted video can be viewed on YouTube by selecting the link. Additionally, a thumbnail of the advertisement may appear quietly on the homepage, search results, or next to related videos. In this section, you can choose a still image from your video as the video thumbnail. 

After that, you can write its headline and two lines of description. Google provides a preview of your ad as you make all of these adjustments. On a smartphone and computer, you can see how it will look. 

4- How Do I Select A Language In Settings?

To complete this stage, you will need a short amount of time. You need to specify what languages your target audience speaks and which countries they locate. You should deliver videos in those languages as well.

Your ad’s weekly performance estimate is a handy feature next to these options. These figures provide you with an estimate of impressions, views, and cost-per-view. Click Next after you are ready.

5. How Do You Pick Your Target Audience?

Here, there are a lot of options. It ensures comprehensive visibility if all the boxes are checked. If you are selective, you may be able to reach niche audiences.

In general, planning your marketing goals and needs is a good idea before starting. Social media marketing skills can improve by using a variety of online resources. A more focused audience can also help you improve your skills. Do not forget to watch the weekly estimations associated with almost every Google Ad step.

6. How Do You Focus On Your Audience?

Additionally, you can select to target as many demographics as possible. This may not prove to be as successful as you had hoped. Let’s say your video focuses on building computers. Some people might not even glance at it, like those into green living. So, this step can help you figure out who most likely will click your ad.

There are fewer options on YouTube than on Facebook or other sites. Scroll through the interests available, and pick the best one. You can adjust the weekly estimate as you go.

7. How Do You Create A Daily Budget?

The Google Ads program is not free, but you can choose how much you spend each day. Just enter your budget in the field provided. Your campaign will run within your budget automatically.

You are likely to stumble over your marketing strategy if it is extensive. Additional solutions are available to support you. To help you manage your finances, you may want to familiarize yourself with the available budgeting tools.

If you are going to charge, you must know when to do it. It is also essential to determine when you will charge for your YouTube advertisement.

8. Review And Set A Duration For Your Ad

Before submitting your campaign for review, you can check the choices you made and make any adjustments you wish. After clicking Next one more time, you’ll see your Google Ads account. Campaigns can be confusing in this step.

Take a simple approach to explore the system. Changing the duration of your ads is an easy way to get started. It can be done on your account’s main page. You’ll be able to see both past and present campaigns, as well as how they performed.

A serial number will be the default name for your new advertisement. However, you can make any changes you wish. You can change or remove an advertisement by clicking the blue name. Your dashboard will appear as a result. Your campaign will not be live until approval and an upload has making.

In addition to the Edit button, it displays some basic campaign information. If you click this, you will be able to adjust several settings, including the ad’s name, location, and even the type of videos you don’t want your ad to appear in.

You can enter a budget and date in the budget field. When you click on the budget field, the budget details will appear. No end date is automatically set. You might want to select one of these to control your campaign budget more effectively. Click Edit, choose the date you wish your campaign to end, and click Save. It’s always possible to change it later.

How Do I Promote My Youtube Video For Promotion?

Once your video is out there, it will get a lot of attention. If you design and market content of this kind, your choices will affect its impact. Discover all the features and tools of Google Ads. Your brand will grow thanks to this tool. Gaining a better understanding of social media, in general, is also a good idea.

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