What Google’s New Chip Means For Its Phones

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Google’s New Chip Pixel 6 smartphone just got all kinds of new info.A large announcement may be made in the fall and the company just wants people to know about that.

Note: The upcoming Android smartphone got its first glimpse, which reveals a redesigned camera system on the back. The company recently replaced its square design with a big one.

Black bar suggests an even greater focus on hardware after a couple of generations spent emphasizing software as its battling issues.

The exciting news is the debut of Tensor, a custom SoC that will be found in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. With a crowded smartphone market, the movie is an important one for the company.

How Fast Is Google’s New Chip?

On these higher-end systems, Apple would create custom silicon, following in Qualcomm’s footsteps. In contrast, they will adopt the same ARM architecture as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. Therefore, Google has no option but to continue to use parts from the A-Series from the San Diego company for its affordable models.

Additionally, Tensor will play an essential role in improving things. Language learning and speech recognition are examples of this. In today’s announcement, Pixel seems to be laying out its plans. The focus on these kinds of things is just what Google needs to do in the smartphone world. Focusing on its expertise in artificial intelligence and software.

Several of Google’s New Chip Pixel team members left the company last May. A transition appeared to be taking place for the team. 

However, we have encountered a problem: Our mission was not fully pursued due to limitations in the computing environment. The next step was to create a mobile platform that would make our machine learning and AI most available to the Pixel users.

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Can The Pixel Be Saved? 

Android devices are used by more than a billion people worldwide today. For the past half-decade, the Pixel has consistently fallen behind other top-tier smartphones. The second half of 2021 will follow. According to Counterpoint Research, its market share declined 7% over the year.

Now, a new Pixel with a Google-developed chip is coming soon. The Google Tensor unit of Alphabet Inc. has developed groundbreaking new silicon. According to Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive officer, the custom-designed part wasn’t only impressive. But also a company first.

Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc. will also offer their chips. Currently, the company says the hardware will perform tasks like speech recognition, image processing, and data processing using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These are all areas where Google excels. They are also services that allow the company to collect more data. Using its data and intelligence, Google optimizes the distribution and sale of ads.

There’s a good reason to be skeptical. Mark Gurman pointed out this recently. So, Google does not share specifications and performance metrics. With its first-generation component, the company is unlikely to compete successfully with Apple and Qualcomm Inc. However, the effects might only last for a short time. The Pixel could be too late if it turns around, he writes.

A second challenge is a scale. When companies make a lot of hard to master processes like chip design, they get better at them. A complex processor rarely works the first time around. Just suitable for Google’s robust software to benefit from the new chips as it can theoretically.

What Is Tensor Processing Unit Used For?

Machine learning workloads can be accelerated by Tensor Processing Units on cloud computing. It has already shown Google’s chip-engineering muscle despite the hurdles.

Despite not having the scale of Apple or Samsung. It can still integrate Tensors into its wide range of electronics products. It has spent four years on its mobile Tensors product. The Google Chromebook was doing reasonably well last I checked.

In 2016, Google’s Pixel line was the first to introduce AI-powered night vision. Within a few years, everyone emulated it. Tensor deserves serious consideration due to its bull case.

Google is now able to create bespoke silicon tailored to its needs. Due to this advancement, Huawei Technologies Co. is now a serious competitor to Apple and Samsung. Huawei handsomely cashed in on that bet before being hit with sanctions under Donald Trump.

With Google’s New ChipPixel, Google will have already exceeded 1% market share. Various factors have contributed to the phone’s slow sales. Poor pricing, poor distribution, and a company’s engineering are still figuring out how to deal with hardware.

Even if the Pixel doesn’t take over the world, I look forward to seeing the pictures it takes at night, at least for now. 

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