Keeptruckin Monitors Truckers Using Ambarella AI Chips

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Today, the fleet management company KeepTruckin said that its dashboard cameras would utilize Ambarella AI processors to monitor road conditions and truck driver alertness. StayTruckin uses the chip in its AI Dashcam to alert drivers if they are unaware of a potential hazard or tired or distracted.

On-chip, Ambarella’s CV22 CVflow Edge system utilizes artificial intelligence. Using a single CV22 SoC, the AI Dashcam provides both AI and image processing simultaneously. With one RGB-infrared camera integrated into the front advanced driver assistance and driver monitoring systems.

Udit Budhia, Ambarella’s director of marketing, told VentureBeat that the higher the number of cameras, the greater the demand for processing.

How Are Truck Drivers Monitored?

With Ambarella’s chips, the processing of AI can be done at the edge. However, they do not consume much energy. KeepTruckin’s CV22 is the first device to incorporate KeepTruckin’s high-risk behaviour detection. Active warnings, with minimal heat dissipation.

In the roadside camera, CV22 can generate warnings if a driver fails to maintain a safe following distance: 

  • Driving in the wrong lane
  • Possibly going to collide
  • Speeding occurs
  • The driver is violating a traffic law. 

An in-cabin camera powered by a single chip can monitor for the following: 

  • Fatigue among drivers
  • Difficulties
  • Violations of policies 

Combining data from the front camera and contextual cell phone use to display seatbelt usage or contextual cell phone use. Power and efficiency are also advantages of having them. The group product manager of KeepTruckin talked to VentureBeat about the product.

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More AI models run if your system is more power-efficient. Therefore, running more AI models will enable you to show customers a lot more real-time behaviour that needs to be corrected. Long-term, customers benefit significantly from this.

Aisla Ranganathan, senior VP of product at KeepTruckin. Fleet management innovations are being powered by AI vision SoCs from Ambarella. They all require the same software development kit.

  1. KeepTruckin’s vehicle gateway is connected to the AI Dash Cam. 
  2. Using the Data, Video, and Image uploader, KeepTruckin’s fleet management software is updated in real-time with pre-analyzed data, videos, and images. 
  3. CV22 is an integrated circuit based on Ambarella’s image signal processor. 
  4. The 1440p HDR videos support all light conditions. 
  5. In addition, its on-chip H.264/H.265 encoding reduces transmission bandwidth and storage costs.

What Is Upgrading Technology?

We can provide incremental value to clients who invest in our platform overtime via over-the-air software updates. Also, by assessing quality in real-time, the in-house safety team at KeepTruckin can improve model training and development by adding context.

A shorter development cycle results. A truck’s dashboard gets hot, and power efficiency is important because the conditions are harsh for electronics.

Our deep learning models benefit significantly from more inferences made per watt of power. We care deeply about that. In addition, there’s the matter of costs. We preferred Ambarella because it can operate in real-time on edge.

KeepTruckin employs over 2,500 people. Investments from Google Ventures and others totalled $450 million. This network supports more than 400,000 trucks.

The force of a truck is quite powerful, and an accident with a tractor-trailer a horrible experience for anyone involved. Safety constantly improved, and accident rates reduced if the company does anything to improve them. Over time, this could lower insurance costs and improve the economy in general.

You must wear your seatbelt if you are using a cell phone. The driver alerted directly at the edge, whether from a mobile app or after-the-fact coaching. It is where all of the platform’s components come together.

What Is The Most Important Thing You Need To Be A Safe Driver?

A security camera must have the same reliability as any other. AI must be accurate, and images captured at high resolution. We will be releasing a 1440p model with night mode. Moreover, the camera uses IR technology to give it an edge. Drivers who at high risk distinguished from drivers at low risk with the technology.

It can also find ways to retain drivers better since driver turnover is a problem. The performance of KeepTruckin improve. In addition, Budhia said, the software and processor upgraded. This design does not have a fan.

Inquiry about the privacy protections offered by KeepTruckin. Both front and dual cameras used with the AI Dash Cam. If you unsure how your videos used or shared, you should speak with your fleet manager.

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