10 Great Apps For Your New iPhone

by Ghulam Mujtaba

This holiday season, you got a shiny new iPhone. It’s the beginning of a new year. Here are some apps you won’t regret installing on your iPhone 13 or iPhone SE, whether they are handy, fun, or simply way better than the ones that came pre-installed.

Apple’s Mail app isn’t broken. However, Gmail is superior. However, it’s hard to deny the classic nature of Microsoft Outlook. SparkMail is an easy-to-use, solid, and customizable option. For example, the innovative notifications feature can be turned on or off.

There are better options out there than Apple’s Reminder app, although if you stick with that, it’ll work just fine. I recommend starting with Todoist. There is no limit to who can use it: whether it’s for personal errands or work-related tasks. Several third-party applications are also compatible, such as Slack, Calendar, and Spark.

1- The Spark Mail Application

The Mail app on Apple is OK, and Google’s Mail is slightly better. However, Microsoft Outlook retains its classic status. However, SparkMail is a simple, user-friendly, and accessible alternative that offers many customization options. It can enable intelligent notifications and integrate with service such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

Its combination of simplicity, depth, and polish is an actual work of art. Your specific requirements can be met by this email. An email has a long history. Spark delivers modern design, speed, intuitiveness, collaboration, automation, and an experience you’ll love.

You’ll work better at night and save battery life by using these colors. You can select a Dark or truly Black appearance mode in the Appearance settings of your Personalization settings. You can choose this in Spark on all iOS devices.

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2- Todoist Free App

You can progress on what matters most to you, knowing everything is organized and accounted for with Todoist. Make sure you don’t miss out on any essential tasks by keeping a clear overview of everything you have on your plate. Then, you always know what to do next with Todoist, which surfaces the right tasks at the right time.

Shared projects are a great way to control all your daily tasks, whether business ventures or grocery lists. Integrate Todoist with your email, calendar, and files to simplify your workflow.

Although you can use the Reminder app, there are better alternatives. Todoist is a great alternative to your Notes app or that sticky note in your wallet when you need something more versatile. It’s a flexible tool that’s perfect for personal and work errands.

3- Planta Care Free App

You are not alone if you struggle to keep a plant alive. Are there people who regularly check the moisture level of their soil? I’ve tried many plant apps, but Planta is the only one I’ve been able to keep alive – and even thrive.

Using it, you can determine what plants should go where in your home, water and re-pot your plants, and monitor the temperature outside. It can even identify a mystery plant in your aunt’s house. Several subscription plans are available, including a free option.

The plant knows when to bloom based on the type of plant, where it is, the climate, the light level, and other factors. Get notifications when a plant needs watering, fertilizing, misting, cleaning, or reporting.

Shade-loving plants are some, and sun-loving plants are others. Based on the light conditions in your rooms, you can determine which plants are suitable for your home. More than 8 million plants call their homes their home already.

Our staff will immediately let you know if you take a picture of it by scanning your houseplants with Plantas plant scanner. In addition, you will learn the name and care of the plant.

4- Strava App Review

With Strava, one of the few apps that you can use to become more active, you can do just that. Although many popular models are compatible, fitness trackers and smartwatches aren’t required, and the app supports many activities such as running, biking and walking.

Additionally, there is a dedicated safety feature and several ways to measure your progress and challenges where you earn discounts on fitness gear.

Despite its cost, runners who are genuinely motivated by statistics and competitions may find the subscription valuable. However, I understand why runners would want to do this.

I also enjoy using the routes tool as it allows me to set goals. It was the best way to head out for a morning run in a new city or country without spending hours on Google or asking hotel staff for directions. In conclusion, aside from kudos, competitions, and personal heat maps, I don’t agree that I’m to blame if you get addicted to this running app.

5- YNAB iPhone App

YNAB is the most popular application on the new iPhone. YNAB stands for You Need a Budget. YNAB is hard to beat if you are serious about saving and spending money wisely. Categories and methodology can be complicated and straightforward simultaneously, so it’s a personal preference.

Both options are a bit pricey – $98.99 yearly or $14.99 monthly – but reasonable rates. The app pays for itself in the first month of using it. However, in all the years I’ve used it. You can try the service for 34 days for free to determine if it’s worth it to you. Another option is Mint, which is free.

You can monitor your budget with YNAB if you have your smartphone. In addition, you can use all your devices to view your budget using YNAB. Take a moment to consider the possibilities before getting scared. Complying with your budget will bring you closer to your financial goals.

Moreover, it is accessible to the whole family on any device. Your budget can even speak to you if you have an Amazon Echo. The app that we call our flagship. It was the start of everything. From a simple spreadsheet, we developed our flagship app.

6- LIBBY Free E-book

When you are a voracious bookworm, you pay a lot for e-books. By using Libby, you can borrow audiobooks, books, magazines, and magazines from your local library for free.

Books can be read on Kindle or sent to your device for reading. Due to its automatic syncing, Libby can be used on any device. Additionally, you can read offline, and it is CarPlay compatible.

There is a strong focus on older works with U.S. copyright expiration here so that you can find the world’s great literature. You can enjoy these eBooks thanks to thousands of volunteers who digitized and proofread them.

The content on Project Gutenberg is entirely free, open-source, and non-commercial. We ask you to consider donating a small amount to Project Gutenberg to digitize more books. In addition, you can help by digitizing, editing, and reporting errors.

7- Tody Paid Watch App

What’s the recommended frequency of sharpening your knives? Are you thinking about changing your shower liner or flipping your mattress? To keep things interesting, you can assign chores to family or friends, and you can compete against Dusty, a dust gremlin.

It also helps neat freaks visualize how clean their homes are – and resolve arguments over who does the most cleaning. It costs $6.99 once, but there is no other in-app purchase.

Among the apps and games today, brewers can start their brewery. You can enhance photographs by removing objects. Animals can traverse the city by completing math problems.

There are so many things I would instead do than play games all the time. Just drain your battery and not make money.

Playing games on the app isn’t the only thing that engages you. You waste so much time on these, but they’re ineffective and drain your battery.

Time and motivation are often hard to come by when cleaning. Often, our schedules get in the way of our cleaning efforts. As a result, most people feel guilty about not washing their homes enough, according to surveys.

8- 1Password Manager App

Security hygiene 101 is password managers. It supports Touch and FaceID, is easy to install, and store your credit cards securely for online purchases. It will also alert you to the passwords that aren’t great so that you can create new ones right away. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free version of this password manager, but there are many other free alternatives, such as Bitwarden, Dashlane, and LastPass.

They are awarded the Best Password Manager for Android by Android Central. This password manager is the absolute best for those who want it on their phone, tablet, and computer. Of course, you can’t go wrong with 1Password.

With 1Password, you don’t have to remember your passwords. Instead, you use a single password to protect all of your accounts.

  • Log in to websites and apps with usernames and passwords
  • Your information is accessible from any device and any computer
  • Fingerprint Unlock allows you to unlock with just one tap

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9- Calm Sleep Meditation App

With Calm, you can find meditations tailored to your specific needs, such as increasing focus, reducing anxiety, or just meditating on daily topics. For those who prefer sleep stories or music tracks instead of mindfulness, Calm offers both. Even though YouTube has dozens of free white noise videos.

It’s sometimes lovely to drift off to the soothing sounds of Idris Elba reading you a story at bedtime. If you’re looking for an introduction to space, Headspace is another great option.

Each day, a new Daily Calm teaches you meditation skills that will change your life. Our short meditations allow you to relax before work or studies, before going to sleep, or as a way to ease into position.

Even Disney and Keith Urban have exclusive music available. We engineered All Yeah to help you focus, relax, and enter a state of flow.

Let’s get our bodies moving rather than just thinking about them. Our short video lessons teach you how to move mindfully and to stretch gently for all body types.

10- SPLITWISE Latest iPhone App

Finally, the new iPhone application is SPLITWISE.  The great thing about Venmo is that you can keep track of what you owe to your friends, family, and housemates. Even though there is a paid version, the free version does everything you need to do, including automatically splitting bills, tracking recurring expenses, and linking to Venmo to pay them.

The Splitwise app makes it simple for friends and family to share expenses and stop worrying about who owes whom. Millions of people use Splitwise to manage group bills, household budgets, and more. We aim to improve the quality of our most important relationships by reducing the stress and awkwardness money causes.

With Splitwise, you can do the following:

  1. Establish private friendships or groups for split situations
  2. With support for offline entry, you can keep track of expenses, IOUs, and informal debts in any currency.
  3. You can log in, check your balances, and add expenses online so everyone can keep track of their costs.
  4. Use our integrations to record cash payments or track who has to pay next.


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